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The data you store in your Aligni site is important and sometimes you need to access it from your own custom software. That's why we created the Aligni API. Our API provides access to the fundamental data in your site. The documentation below will help you understand how best to access this data from your custom applications.

The various API access methods are documented in resource sections below.

Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/attachments List attachments.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/attachments/:id Show an attachment.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/attachments/:id/download_uri Show an attachment's file link.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/builds List builds.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/contact List contacts.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/contact/:id Show a contact.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/contact Create a new contact.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/contact/:id Update a contact.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/contact/:id Delete a contact.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/customer List customers.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/customer/:id Show a customer.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/customer Create a new customer.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/customer/:id Update a customer.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/customer/:id Delete a customer.
Resource Description
POST /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_location Create a new inventory location.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_location List inventory locations.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_location/:id Show an inventory location.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_location/:id Update a inventory location.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_location/:id Delete a inventory location.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_sublocation/:id Show a inventory sublocation.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_sublocation Create a new inventory sublocation.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_sublocation/:id Update a inventory sublocation.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_sublocation/:id Delete a inventory sublocation.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/inventory_units List inventory units.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/inventory_units/:id Show an inventory unit.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/inventory_units/:id Update an inventory unit.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/inventory_units/:id/adjust_quantity Adjust an inventory unit.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/inventory_units Create an inventory unit.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/inventory_units/:id/move Move an inventory unit.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/inventory_units/:id/split Split an inventory unit.
Resource Description
POST /api/v2/:api_token/linecard?manufacturer_id=:manufacturer_id&vendor_id=:vendor_id Create a new linecard.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/linecard?manufacturer_id=:manufacturer_id&vendor_id=:vendor_id Delete a linecard.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/manufacturer List manufacturers.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/manufacturer/:id Show a manufacturer.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/manufacturer Create a new manufacturer.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/manufacturer/:id Update a manufacturer.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/manufacturer/:id Delete a manufacturer.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/part List parts.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/part/:id Show a part.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/part Create a new part.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/part/:id Update a part.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/part/:id Delete a part.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/part/:id/inventory_units List inventory units for a part.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/part_parameter_field List part parameter fields.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/revisions List part revisions.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/revisions/:id Show the part revision.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/revisions/:id/part_ancestors List part revision's part ancestors.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/revisions/:id/subparts Add subparts to the part revision.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/revisions?id=:source_part_revision_id Create a new part revision.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/revisions/:id/release Release a part revision.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/parts/:part_id/revisions/:id Delete a part revision.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/parttype List parttypes.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/parttype/:id Show a parttype.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/parttype Create a new parttype.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/parttype/:id Update a parttype.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/parttype/:id Delete a parttype.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/purchase_orders List purchase orders.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/purchase_orders/:id Show a purchase order.
Resource Description
POST /api/v2/:api_token/quote Create a new quote.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/quote/:id Delete a quote.
Resource Description
POST /api/v2/:api_token/subpart Add a new BOM item to an assembly.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/subpart/:id Update an assembly's BOM item.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/subpart/:id Delete a Subpart.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/unit List units.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/unit/:id Show a unit.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/unit Create a new unit.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/unit/:id Update a unit.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/unit/:id Delete a unit.
Resource Description
POST /api/v2/:api_token/unit_conversion Create a new unit conversion.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/unit_conversion/:id Delete a unit conversion.
Resource Description
POST /api/v2/:api_token/vendor_partnumber Create a new vendor partnumber.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/vendor_partnumber/:id Delete a vendor partnumber.
Resource Description
GET /api/v2/:api_token/vendor List vendors.
GET /api/v2/:api_token/vendor/:id Show a vendor.
POST /api/v2/:api_token/vendor Create a new vendor.
PUT /api/v2/:api_token/vendor/:id Update a vendor.
DELETE /api/v2/:api_token/vendor/:id Delete a vendor.